Raghu is an Iranian French therapist, Fondator of Energyversity, and he has started his spiritual journey since 18 years.

He has been conducting workshops and Training in Europe, China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Iran.

Raghu specialized in leading group like Chakra Energy Healing, Shamanic Energy Healing, Chakra crystal healing , Osho meditations and Family Constellation workshop.

Mostly his work is to do with energy; he is good at energizing and opening the energy of participants to lead them to self growth, self love, harmony and creativity for applying in the individual professional field, family, and relationships.

The professional training he has received includes : Osho Therapist Training (OTT), Meditation Leader, Counseling, Family Constellation, Shamanic Healing, Crystal healing, Reiki Master, Prana Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, the Master Mystique of Cosmobionika (Russian Shamanic Energy),  Thai Face Massage, Holistic massage, Psychic massage, and Inner dance Teacher Training.



Reiki master, Prana Healing, Master Of Cosmobionika (Russian Shamanic Energy)

, Tibetan Pulsing Yoga  and Eye reading.

He is founder of Reikiversity.

Alchemist   and  Rama Yoga .

He has been conducting workshops in USA, Germany, India, and Iran.

Ramaji was born on 22.02.1957 in Iran.

He left his body consciously and peacefully on  08.12.2012, in Goa, India.


Narta Mai


a world traveler, who has been to 35 countries and lived in India for 10 years.

She studies astrology for more than 15 years, and get professional training at New Planet Body Mind Soul Center.

She met Osho in 1997 and since then her inner journey started; a journey through body, mind & spirit.

She is trained as Osho Meditation Facilitator in Pune India and Inner Dance Facilitator. She is currently working as a writer, astrologer and tarot reader.

She’s a columnist of astrology for Liberty Times (Taipei), Well Being Monthly (Hong Kong), and Taipei Youth Monthly (Taipei).


Shahrooz Mohebbi

Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master , shamanic Energywork Master,

Magnified Healing Master, Reflexology Teacher, Feng Shui Teacher,

Yomiho Massage Therapy,  Pranic Healing, Polarity Therapy,

Cristal Healing, TCM, Ayurveda, Hypno Therapy, Silva Metod, Iridology.




Teacher of : Ayurveda Massage , Ayurveda Yoga Massage , Stone Massage (Hot & Cold) , and Baby Massage.

Books Translated (English to Persian) by Yalda: Ayurvedic Massage , Reflexology , Baby Massage for Dummies , Hot Stone Massage , Yoga (50 Yoga Exercises) , Your Pregnancy Week by Week , Shiatsu (Exercises and Inspiration for Well-Being).

Yalda’s workshops: General Body Massage, Ayurvedic Massage , Hot Stone Massage, Baby Massage.

Yalda’s sessions: Ayurvedic Massage , Ayurvedic Yoga Massage , Hot Stone Massage, Baby Massage, Reflexology.