Session By Skype

Online Sessions Using Skype




Session by Skype is a great alternative to face-to-face session.

You can now enjoy the session in your place where you feel most comfortable.

We treat skype sessions the same way we do face-to-face sessions.

With a webcam, we can also see each other during sessions.

Skype Session Tips:

  • Please try to create for your self a private space free of any distractions and comfortable place to site.
  • Please use a head set with michrophone for better communication.
  • Please have some paper and crayons, if you need to take note.
  • Please turn off your phones.

For booking a session, please send a email to the Facilitator, with:

  • your name and your Skype name
  • your country
  • days and times of your preference for sessions

You will receive an email from Facilitator for payment details, 60 minutes session , 150 $

You can also use Paypal.

Please complete a payment at least few days before the session date.

All the appointment is only valid after the payment is confirmed.



Individual Session By Skype:

Astrology , Counseling session, Chakra Energy Healing



Astrology sessions

* Soul Purpose Reading with Prediction

The astrology session offers character & chart pattern analysis, 4 years  prediction ,and your soul purpose in the past and the present life.

By applying proper consultataion and awareness skill, one can reach his full potential and master his own destiny.

If your life is reaching issues like career change, relationship & marriage, money issue, investment decision, health problems,

etc, this is the proper session to help you doing the best decision for your life.

Clients have to offer birth informaiton (including birth year / month / day/ exact time/ place) before session. (90 minutes)

*Composite Chart with Prediction

The composite session is to discover the energy fields and potentials between two people, who can be business partners,

life partners, owner and employee, parent and child ,etc. The session will help you to realize the existing energy interaction,

and how much you match to each other in many ways. Meanitme it will offer an in-depth analysis on personality,

and the value system towards both sides’money, love, career , parenthood, children ,etc, to help you finding out the best way to work with each other,

and also a 4 years’ prediction on the future relationship. Clietns have to offer both sides’

birth information (including birth year/month/day/ exact time/ place) before session.




1 – Counseling session

Marriage counseling, relationship counseling, family counseling

In this session I will use different methods of counseling and energy reading to help you to understand the real root of the family problem, the relationship and the money issues, and how they affect your life. We will look together in your personal history and current situation, into the rot of your issues, in your family life. This session brings clarity and sense of direction in your life, and be here-and-now.

Who needs this session?

-If you are stuck in your marriage, relationship or you have difficulty to find love.

– Difficulty in relationship with your father, mother, Childs and relative.

– Divorce and separation.

-Traumatic events, serious accidents or any issue in your family or in your childhood.

– Any issue of sexual energy

– A previous love history.

-The difficulty to have better job or relation with your superiors in your work.

– Poverty and money issue.

What is the benefit of this session?

You can see with more clarity your life situation, for relationship, family issues, love, sexual energy, and for creativity, career and money. Whatever is happened in your life can be an opportunity to learn for growth and lead to personal transformation. 
Counseling is a key for opening the blockage and allowing love to flow again in  family, for a better living harmonious, conscious and flexible, for creating more space for meditation and prosperity.

Meditation and therapy help you to resolve these issues and get the flow of life energy and love in your daily life.